Wednesday, August 06, 2008


George H. W. Bush, AKA #41 gives away

the secret link between the Bushies, the
FOX gang and Rush Limbaugh.

On Friday, August 1, 2008, #41, #43 &
Jeb called Rush on the air and here is
how #41 let the cat out of the bag...

You can listen to the entire call here.


"... RUSH: Well, thank you. I'm doing great.
And you? You're looking well, too.

BUSH 41: Well, yeah. I'm kind of on the
sidelines, but I can't do golf and all that stuff
anymore. But life is good. It's wonderful, and
it's great having the family up here in Maine,
and all is well. Do you see our man Ailes at all?

RUSH: Oh, yeah. I saw Roger at Tony Snow's

BUSH 41: Oh, did you?

RUSH: And a couple of times earlier this summer.

BUSH 41: Are we on the radio, are we?

RUSH: (laughing)

BUSH 41: I didn't know that. I'll clean up my
act here. I'm glad they told me.

RUSH: Yeah, we're on the radio. ..."

As Bennie said on Thursday,
July 24, 2008 in RED RUPERT II

"Is Murdoch a misogynist? Why
are Rupert and Roger Ailes using
FOX to attack Michelle Obama?...
and all of us!"



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