Monday, July 28, 2008

Meet the New Dr. Strangelove

His name is David Kilcullen

Thanks to Brave New Films.

Pssst..... Do something


"Overt De-Escalation, Covert Disruption."

A note from Bennie:

David Kilcullen was not born till after
PHOENIX was about over and done.

I was there and believe me it was a
total failure. I don't know what David
learned at the Uni in Sydney, but PhD
still means that in Sydney the BS is still PhD
... Piled higher and Deeper.

complete and total failure.

"Overt De-Escalation, Covert Disruption.
will also be a complete and total failure.

In the Pacific, South East Asian War Games
we got 2nd place. When the bodies are
all piled up in Iraq and the national treasure is
all gone we will, get 2nd place in Iraq.

In Viet Nam, at the end the slogan was all
about "Peace with honor". In Iraq, it's all
about "VICTORY at any cost"... The same
sheet music, just a different dance hall.

It must be remembered that after the decision
was made to leave Viet Nam in Q3, 1968
and the 1975 scramble to exit, more than half
of the 58,252 American deaths and 3,000,000
Vietnamese civilian deaths occurred.

In Viet Nam it was all about "Vietnamization"
and in Iraq it's all about, "When they stand
up, we will stand down"...

The same sheet music, just a different dance hall.

We must give Obama hell to withdraw in 2009,
starting on January 21, by telling David Kilcullen
that he is PNG in the USA... PNG = Persona non grata.
Or if you don't like Latin, we can tell him in Strine...
Piss off mate.




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