Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HEY USA, it's your choice...

 A Third World USA or a few more taxes?

al-Qaeda and their friends have obtained
much more than they could have imagined.
Their actions have lead to the bankrupting
of the USA and set the country onto a fast
ride of paranoia and fear, to become a
third world nation.

From his first day in office, GWB was hell
bent to destroy the middle class and Obama
kept right on with this insane policy. When
I was a young man, I called this 'a scorched
earth retreat', I guess nothing much has

The electorate stood by and let the Supreme
Court decide that GWB should win the 2000
election, re-elected him in 2004 and filled
the congress in 2008 with inexperienced
legislators, who believe that "Me First" is
best and that the USA is not on planet earth...

Iraq and Afghanistan will cost the USA
half a trillion dollars this year, when you
count the published budget, the black
budget and the 'off the books' appropria-
tions. The defense budget has increased
by 85% in the last ten years and the US
will spend more on defense this year, than
the next five countries combined. $3.5
trillion was stolen from the Social
Security Trust Fund and we are told
that, "we can't afford to pay it back" All
of this, while the domestic fabric of our
nation is being disintegrated and dissociated.

Well then the people must decide, as 
California's Governor Jerry Brown is doing 
his best to show all of us, we either pay 
a little more in taxes along with the cuts...

Or it's a Third World USA.  



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